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The 7 circuit classic labyrinth was consecrated in August of 2009 to reflect the pilgrimage route bordering the property and winding from Romainmôtier to Croy as part of the traditional road that pilgrims traveled from Canterbury to Rome. It is called the Via Francigena in French and is part of the Swiss Tourist routes for pilgrimages across the country.

During the Holy Crusades, when it was not possible for people to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, many labyrinths were constructed in churches across France and used by individuals to make their own spiritual journey.

Modern labyrinths are built on the ideals of those created before in that they provide individuals or groups with a focus for their own journeys.

The labyrinth at Domaine en Praël is available for use in conjunction with other rental contracts and is used by the Centre for Natural Discovery for special events, solstices, fullmoons and other seasonal celebrations.

Further information on labyrinths and electromagnetic earth energy can be found at labyrinthsociety, veriditas websites , and other websites as well as  LeyLine.

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