Alison Rowles-Anobile

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Alison Rowles-Anobile is an ASCA Register Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Transformation Game Facilitator, Essential Energy Balancing Teaching Master, Matrix Energetic Student, founder of The Centre for Natural Discovery, and co-creator of the Domaine en Prael Labyrinth.  She is dedicated to sharing her healing abilities and a lifetime of discovery, research and experience to help guide you to your own lifestyle transformation.  She has found that the spiritual legacy of the Nozon Valley supports her vision for the Centre for Natural Discovery.

From early childhood, Alison has been surrounded with pioneers of self-discovery, from her mother who practiced yoga and astrology while working full time and raising a family to friends and relatives who pursued careers in energy healing and alternative medicine.  Helping to raise 6 children, and spending over 25 years in international business, she has woven her own approach to spirituality, organic vegetarian and raw foods and healing methods into a practical way of living and being in today's fast paced world.

From this eclectic background, she has now turned her attention to creating a space where practioners of multiple healing and spiritual disciplines can come together to share and exchange information and experience through sacred dance, women's healing circles, full moon celebrations and other evolving programmes from Transformation Games, SoulCollage® Workshops and Shamanic work to seasonal ceremonies and raw food celebration!

From labyrinths talks on how "walking the sacred path"  applies to decision making and group focus, to spiritual mentoring as a solution to political and personnel issues, she is linking a more metaphysical  approach to the business world, where eco solutions and sustainability are driving many more shareholder agendas .





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