Kohlene Hendrickson

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kohlene photo thumbnailKohlene Hendrickson- professional visual artist of international recognition and founder of ART CENTRO-art and creativity workshops and retreats, now lives and maintains her atelier in Romainmôtier, Switzerland. In addition to her many art exhibitions and workshops she teaches art at ERACOM-art and communication school in Lausanne along with encaustic workshops at the Ceruleum art school, Lausanne.

Her psychological, spiritual and metaphysical journey spans more than 20 years of seeking and training. Some of her most important inner work was done in direct  apprenticeship to Tracey Woodward, *founder of SESM (the Society of the Evolving Self Matrix) in Los Angeles. During the past several years Kohlene was able to blast thru her prior concepts of creativity as the result of her journeys in the Shamanic tradition. These completely changed her conception, style and method of painting. She dances between the hazard of the flowing paint and the edge of control. As in life, letting the flow of the universe enter and be directed with life's experience to temper the currents.

Using her combined resources and extensive experience she is now making available a workshop to help others break thru their cognitive boundaries and enter the realm of the intuitive mind and the true source of creativity.

You can view her work at  www.kohlene.com

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