Dorna Wilson Revie - Sophro-Ki

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DornaDorna Wilson-Revie owns Energy Centre Sarl, an accredited school for complementary therapies and medicine.  She runs Diploma courses for Sophrology, Reiki and Karuna Reiki Practitoners and is a trainer of Neurolinguistic programming (NLP).  She is also a qualified Bioresonance therapist and has been working in personal development in Geneva since 1992.

Through her work with NLP, shamanism, tao and energy medicine she has created an enriched Sophrology programme called Sophro-ki®.

Sophro-ki® Sophrology is a structured method aimed at strengthening and nourishing the mind and body.  Whether you enjoy and benefit from the 10mins ‘anytime/anywhere’ mind-clearing and focusing exercises, the consciousness walks, the active intuition techniques or the inner journeying and experience of being in the ‘NOW’, Sophro-ki® Sophrology’s vast repertoire of mind, body and spirit exercises can open doors into new easier and almost magical ways of living and being.

Inner learning – de-stressing – growing awareness – optimal health - the world is not as it seems – connect with the sacred – open to your soul’s longings – discover your hidden treasures – speak your truth – relax into being.

Watch the Calendar of Events page for the scheduling of Moon’ workshops based on the different energies, rituals and ‘spells’ for each of the full moons – plus information about the influence and power of the moon energy on ourselves, our planet and nature.